Flag of Afghanistan


This is what the flag of Afghanistan looks like:

Флаг Афганистана
The modern flag of Afghanistan from 2013

History of the flag

Afghanistan has one of the records for changing state symbols, including the flag. Only since the beginning of the 19th century more than 20 flags have been changed. Variations of the flags differed significantly from each other, there were single-color types of the flag, and three-color ones. Also, during the Soviet occupation, the flag became more like the symbol of the “socialist camp” countries.

The modern look was legislated in 2013!

At the same time, it is worth noting that some versions of the early flag may have differed slightly from the modern model. For example, one of the symbols of the state symbols in the 1970s differed only in the presence of the year of creation of the Republic of Afghanistan.

Or, for example, even the flag sample from 2004 has a date of independence from the British Empire, which is no longer present on the modern sample – that is the only difference.

Флаг Афганистана
Flag of Afghanistan 2002-2004

There is an ongoing discussion at the state level about the flag formation – it is possible that in the near future Afghanistan will have to change its flag.


The modern flag of Afghanistan looks like a canvas, with an aspect ratio of 2:3. Three proportional vertical stripes can be seen on the cloth. In the center is another state symbol, the coat of arms, with a mosque and the inscription “God is great” in Arabic.

The colors of the flag and their meaning

The colors present on the flag are:

  • Black;

Means a tribute to its religious roots, symbolism and banners that permeate Islamic culture. Additionally, black is the color of a rebellious country against external aggressors.

  • Red;

The central color signifying the supremacy of the king’s power (a relic of the past – there is no such title as king in Afghanistan now). It also means a symbol of the struggle for independence and justice.

  • Green.

Hope, success and wealth – the meaning of color. There is a legend that the color green symbolizes the color of the leaves of the money tree, which is why the shade of green is so specific and not like other colors of green, in other countries around the world.

General information about Afghanistan

Official languages Dari and Pashto
Capital Kabul
Territory 652 864 km2
Population 31,575,018 people
Currency Afghani
Phone number +93

Map of Afghanistan

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