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Every country has its own distinctive symbols. Among them is Azerbaijan, which has its own flag, coat of arms and anthem. Any abuse of state symbols is punishable by law.

This is how the modern flag of Azerbaijan looks like:

Флаг Азербайджана
Modern flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan

History of the flag

The flag of Azerbaijan received its official status in 1918. At first it represented the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (ADR), but it lasted only 2 years. Then the country became an independent state, but the tricolor did not change. Since 2009, Flag Day is celebrated in Azerbaijan. It falls on November 9.

The author of the colorful tricolor is the famous Azerbaijani doctor and philosopher Ali bey Huseynzadeh. The first time the cloth with the state symbols was raised at the sea station in Baku, when the meeting of the British General Thomson took place.

There have been many interesting events in the history of the Azerbaijani flag. Thus, after the collapse of the ADR, some Azerbaijanis found themselves in Europe. Among them was Gulmamed Bagirov. He was often visited by fellow countrymen on holidays. And at one of such events, his host was handed the national flag with a request to bring it to his homeland.

This wish was fulfilled many years later, but one day Bagirov, tying the flag around his wife’s waist, brought it to Azerbaijan. Later the tricolor would be placed in a museum.

In the late 80’s the flag is used in mass actions of the nascent national movement. It was even hung on the building of the Supreme Soviet.

This is what the prototype looks like:

Флаг Азербайджана
The prototype of the Azerbaijani flag


The flag is a tricolor and consists of three strips of equal size. In the center of the cloth an eight-pointed star and a crescent moon are depicted. The moon, with its tips, supports the star.

Flag colors

Blue is the embodiment of the Turkic nationality – the main population of Azerbaijan. Red emphasizes the democratic independence in the republic. And the green color indicates Islam. This religion is practiced in this country.


The meaning of the color blue has deep roots here. In almost all Turkic peoples it symbolizes the Universe, wealth and freedom. If we turn to Turkic mythology, blue is a symbol of the boundless sky and masculinity.

The crescent moon also speaks of religion: it carries with it a commitment to Islam. The star is a symbol of unity of different branches of Turkic-speaking peoples. Another designation of the celestial luminary are 8 letters that make up the word “Azerbaijan” in Arabic.

The symbolism of the eight-pointed star has its roots in paganism. It is one of the oldest divine symbols.

The Azerbaijani flag is the embodiment of freedom and unity, as well as a harmonious blend of Islamic traditions and modern realities.

General information about Azerbaijan

Official language Azerbaijani
Capital Baku
Territory 86,600 km2
Population 9,981,457 people
Currency Azerbaijani manat
Phone Code +994

Map of Azerbaijan

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