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Dominica is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that is barely visible on a map. Some people confuse it with the Dominican Republic, but this is mistaken, although the two countries are not far from each other.

Until 1978, Dominica belonged to Great Britain. Dominica’s flag is very friendly, proclaiming the bounty of nature, freedom, and the Christian faith.

This is what the modern flag of Dominica looks like:

Флаг Доминики
The national flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica

History of the Dominican flag

Dominica’s first flag was created in 1955. It was the maritime flag of Britain with the coat of arms of Dominica on the right. The coat of arms depicted a sailing ship standing by a wharf, green hills and a sunrise.

Флаг Доминики
1955 – 1965 Flag of the Colony of Dominica

In 1961, the flag received a change, with a new coat of arms. It represented a sailboat on the waves with a lion on top and Sisseru parrots on either side.

Флаг Доминики
1965 – 1978 Flag of the Associated State of Dominica

In November 1978, after independence, the modern version was adopted, which has undergone several changes:

  • the sequence of stripes on the cross;
  • the side into which the parrot is looking (originally looking to the right, now to the left);
  • the background color of the flag and stars (darker green).
Флаг Доминики
November 3, 1978 – November 3, 1981
Флаг Доминики
November 3, 1981 – 1988
Флаг Доминики
1988 – 1990

In 1990 the final version that we can see today was adopted.

There is a separate flag of the President of Dominica:

Флаг Доминики
Standard of the President of Dominica

Description of the flag of Dominica

  • The base of the flag is a rectangular cloth with an aspect ratio of 1:2;
  • The cloth is crossed by a cross, the horizontal and vertical stripes of which, in turn, are divided into three equal widths of different colors;
  • In the center is a circle, with the Sisseru parrot depicted on it;
  • Along the outline of the circle are ten five-pointed stars of equal size.

Flag colors

  • The main background color is dark green;
  • The stripes of the cross are from bottom to top and from right to left in the following order: white, black, yellow;
  • The circle in the center is colored red;
  • The parrot is represented in the coloring in which it exists in nature (with purple and green feathers);
  • The branch on which the bird sits is brown.

Meaning of colors and symbols of the flag

  • Green is a symbol of the beauty of the tropical;
  • Nature, green forests and rich vegetation of the island;
  • Red symbolizes freedom and independence;
  • Black symbolizes the Negro race;
  • White – European race;
  • Yellow (gold) – mulatto, it is associated with the aborigines of Dominica – the Arawak people.

There are also unofficial designations of colors:

  • White represents the purity of the water in the rivers and the nobility of the inhabitants;
  • Black represents the rich, fertile lands of the island;
  • Yellow signifies the sun and the island’s main products are bananas and citrus fruits.

Each symbol on the flag has its own meaning. The Dominican flag has a rather rich symbolic structure:

  • The cross across the canvas symbolizes the Christian faith. Religion is of great importance in the life of the inhabitants;
  • The lines of the cross, a symbol of the Holy Trinity, represent the three races of the island’s population;
  • Parrot Sisseru (Imperial Amazon) sitting on a branch, is the national pride, symbolizing the desire for heights, the desire for the ideals of democracy. This is a special bird, it lives only on this island and is a symbol of the identity of the population, honoring the traditions and culture of the people. It is also depicted on the coat of arms of Dominica.
  • The green stars around the circle represent the ten territorial units (districts) that make up the Commonwealth of Dominica. Their equal size indicates the equal status of these territories. The stars are also a symbol of hope and peace

The parrot on the Dominka flag is an endangered species and is specially protected.

The flag of Dominica can be used in the water and on land by both government agencies and ordinary citizens. It serves as a mark of identification for the state’s armed forces and navy, as well as for private and commercial vessels.

General information about Dominica

Official language English
Capital Rose
Territory 754 km2
Population 73,607 people
Currency Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Phone Code +1-767

Map of Dominica

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