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The Republic of Mozambique is located in southern Africa. Despite the vast distance between it and Russia, there is something that connects our countries. Namely, the symbol depicted on the flag of Mozambique.

This is what the modern flag of Mozambique looks like:

Флаг Мозамбика
Flag of the Republic of Mozambique

History of the flag

The flag of Mozambique is one of the state symbols of the Republic of Mozambique. The modern version of the flag was adopted in 1983.

Before liberation, Mozambique was a Portuguese colony.

In 1966, in a book on the coats of arms of Portuguese possessions, its author Almeida Langhans recommended the introduction of overseas possessions with flags based on the national symbol of Portugal itself. It was suggested that the coat of arms of a particular province should be placed on the cloth. The coat of arms of Mozambique at the time was a shield consisting of three parts. At the bottom were depicted waves of silver and green, at the top, on the right, five shields with five nails, on the right – seven arrows of green color, banded with red braid.

Флаг Мозамбика
1966 draft of the flag of the Portuguese overseas province of Mozambique

However, the Portuguese government did not even consider this proposal, much less place the coat of arms of Mozambique on its flag.

In the 62nd year of the 20th century, after the creation of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), they approved a pattern resembling the modern one. Green, black, and yellow stripes separated by white, and a red triangle adjacent to the staff.

Флаг Мозамбика

In 1975, independence was proclaimed and a new one was adopted. Keeping the colors of the stripes, the creators arranged them in the form of seven wedges, diverging from a common point in the upper left corner. In the same corner was an emblem with an open book, an AK and a hoe.

Флаг Мозамбика
Flag of Mozambique 1975-1983

In April 1983, the FRELIMO flag was returned with the added emblem of an open book, AK and hoe.

Флаг Мозамбика
Flag of Mozambique in April 1983

The modern version was approved on the first day of May 1983.

In 2005, an attempt was made to update the flag, coat of arms and anthem of Mozambique: 119 works were submitted, even choosing the best proposal, but it did not go further than that.


The flag of the Republic of Mozambique looks like a rectangle including 3 wide stripes arranged horizontally. The stripes are of equal width. The colors of the stripes from top to bottom are green, black, and yellow. They are separated from each other by narrow white stripes.

A red triangle is placed at the stem. Its base coincides with the flag’s leading edge. The other two sides, the same size, form an acute angle toward the center of the cloth, not reaching the central point.

In the middle part of the triangle is a large yellow five-pointed star. An open book of white color is placed on the star. On top of it is a stylized image of crossed hoe and Kalashnikov rifle, painted in black.

The buttstock is turned down to the left. The barrel – up, to the right. AK magazine looks down, to the right. The hoe that crosses it with the handle pointing down to the right and the working part pointing up to the left. The cutting edge of the hoe is turned toward the base of the triangle, toward the spearhead.

Currently, Mozambique is the only state in the world with an AK on its flag.

Flag colors

There are 5 colors on the rectangle, namely:

  • red;
  • green;
  • black;
  • white;
  • golden yellow.

Each of them is not random, has its own meaning.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Green indicates the richness of the plant kingdom.
  • Black indicates that the state is located on the African continent.
  • Red symbolizes the struggle against the colonizers, victory and defending the sovereignty.
  • White indicates the purity of the Mozambican people’s thoughts in the struggle for peace, their honesty and justice.
  • The golden yellow indicates mineral wealth.
  • The star in the center of the triangle is a symbol of hope for the solidarity of the peoples of the world with the people of Mozambique.
  • The open book signifies education, to which the state attaches great importance.
  • The hoe is a symbol of production and honest labor.
  • The Kalashnikov rifle is a weapon used for defense and protection of sovereignty.

The citizens of the country placed the Kalashnikov assault rifle on the national symbol in recognition of the exceptional role of the AK-47 in the struggle for independence.

Interesting facts about the flag

There have been repeated attempts to remove the AK from the flag. Opposition activists tried especially hard after the release of the movie “The Gun Baron,” starring Nicolas Cage.

The American action film used a prototype of the protagonist, the Russian businessman Victor Bout, who was sentenced by the U.S. government to a long prison term for illegal arms trafficking. The film was a great discussion of arms deliveries to Mozambique.

General information about Mozambique

Official language Portuguese
Capital Maputo
Territory 801 590 km2
Population 28 829 476 people
Currency methical
Phone Code +258

Map of Mozambique

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