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The Republic of Rwanda is an East African state with a territory of 26.3 thousand square kilometers and a population of 12.4 million people. Before 1991 the country was called the Republic of Rwanda. The year of state formation is considered to be 1962, when the territory called Rwanda-Urundi was divided into two parts: Rwanda and Burundi.

This is what the modern flag of Rwanda looks like:

Флаг Руанды
Flag of the Republic of Rwanda

History of the flag

Rwanda remained a closed territory for a long time for the colonial European powers. They first entered the land in 1892 as a result of the Brussels Conference of 1890, which placed the territory under the protectorate of the German Empire (the Second Reich). At first, the country was ruled by the German East Africa Company, which was later acquired by the German government. This colonial territory included in addition to Rwanda the territories of Burundi and Tanzania.

Флаг Руанды
Flag of German East Africa

At that time the flag of the colonial empire was a black-white-red cloth with a coat of arms in the center.

Флаг Руанды

Shortly before the outbreak of World War I, a new banner was designed for East Africa, which was never used, because after the war part of its territory came under Belgian control and received the new name of Rwanda-Urundi.

Флаг Руанды
Draft of a new East African flag

The Belgian symbolism was used as a symbol.

Флаг Бельгии
Belgian flag

In the 1950s, Belgium began to implement reforms that led to resistance among the local tribes (Tutsi, Hutu). This later developed into a movement for independence. The 1959-1961 revolution overthrew the kingdom of Rwanda and in 1962 the country was proclaimed a republic. In 59-61 the tricolor with vertical red-yellow-green stripes was used as the flag.

Флаг Руанды (1959–1961)
Flag of Rwanda (1959-1961)

In 61-62, the same symbol, with the red and green places rearranged.

Флаг Руанды (1961–1962)
Flag of Rwanda (1961-1962)

In July 1962 a new symbol of Rwanda was adopted, repeating the tricolor of 59-61, only the Latin letter “R” was added to the yellow stripe to distinguish it from the flag of Guinea.

The modern form of the symbol was adopted in October 2001.


The symbol of Rwanda is a rectangular cloth with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3. It is divided into three horizontal stripes, of which the blue one (top) occupies half the width of the flag and the other half is equally divided between the yellow and green stripes.

On the opposite side of the banner on the blue part of the symbol is a yellow sun.

The colors of the Rwandan flag

The flag of the Republic is performed using three colors: blue, yellow, and green

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The colors and symbols on the flag symbolize:

  • yellow – gold and other natural resources of the country;
  • green – vegetation, tropical forests, prosperity;
  • blue – rivers and Lake Kivu, happiness, peace and clear skies over the country.

The sun in the blue sky symbolizes hope for a bright future for the Republic.

Rwanda’s new flag symbolizes national unity, heroism, and confidence in tomorrow. The change in the appearance of the flag was dictated by the desire to turn the dark history of the 1994 civil war and genocide upside down.

Other Flags

Despite the short existence of a sovereign state, the Republic has other types of symbols and emblems. Among them are:

  1. Presidential;

Флаг Руанды
Flag of the President of Rwanda
  1. The defense force, which includes land and air forces.
Эмблема ВС Руанды
Emblem of the Rwandan Armed Forces

General information about Rwanda

Official language Kinyarwanda, English, French, and Swahili
Capital Кигали
Territory 26,338 km²
Population 12,374,397 people
Currency Rwandan franc
Phone Code +250

Map of Rwanda

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