Flag of the Marshall Islands


The Marshall Islands were constantly under a protectorate until 1979. In 1886 the patron was Germany, from 1914 Japan, and after World War II the United States.

This is what the modern flag of the Marshall Islands looks like:

Флаг Маршалловых островов
Flag of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

History of the flag

The Marshall Islands previously used the UN flag (1947-1965).

Флаг Маршалловых островов
UN flag (July 18, 1947 – August 19, 1965)

Then the flag of the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Island (1965-1979).

Флаг Маршалловых островов
Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (August 19, 1965-May 1, 1979)

On June 12, 1979, by the design of the first lady of the state, Emeline Kabua, the flag of the Marshall Islands became the national flag. This was as a result of the acquired independence from the United States, under whose tutelage the country had been.

Description of the Marshall Islands flag

Presented in the form of a rectangular blue cloth. In the upper left corner is a white star, which has 24 pointed rays. From the bottom left corner, diagonally, two rays of white and orange.

Executed in blue, white and orange tones.

Meaning of colors and symbols

  • Blue symbolizes the Pacific Ocean in which the archipelago is located.
  • White symbolizes the desire for world peace.
  • Orange represents the bravery and courage of the nation’s people.
  • The white star stands for the Christian cross, and its rays represent the number of constituencies in the state. It is also placed on the coat of arms and seal of the country.
  • The two stripes stand for the two chains of islands that make up the archipelago, Ratak and Ralik.

Interesting Facts

The flag is not forbidden to be used by private persons, public organizations or public authorities for any action on land. At sea, it may only be flown on private ships, merchant ships or government ships.

General information about the Marshall Islands

Official language Marshallese, English
Capital Majuro
Territory 181,3 km2
Population 55 000 people
Currency US dollar (USD, code 840)
Phone Code +692

Map of the Marshall Islands

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