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Each state has its own symbols, which are represented by the flag, coat of arms, and anthem. Residents should show respect for the distinctive emblem of their country, to honor and use only for peaceful purposes. The colors used on the flag, coats of arms, and emblems reflect important historical events, the country’s geographic location, its economy, and its cultural and religious characteristics.

This is what the flag of Belize looks like:

Флаг Белиза
Flag of Belize

History of the flag

The modern national flag of Belize was adopted on September 21, 1981. In that year the country gained independence from Great Britain. Before secession, the country was called British Honduras and in January 1907 had a different symbol, which lasted until 1919. After that the flag underwent changes and looked almost like a modern flag, but there were no red stripes at the top and bottom. In this form the flag was used until the declaration of independence of Belize.

Флаг Белиза
Flag of the Colony of British Honduras 12.12.1919 – 21.09.1981
Флаг Белиза
Unofficial flag 02.02.1950 – 21.09.1981
Флаг Белиза
Flag of the British Governor-General of Belize since 21.09.1981


The Belize flag is a cloth, the aspect ratio of which is a fairly standard 2:3. The basic background color is blue, with a red stripe along the lower and upper edges. In the center you can see the coat of arms of Belize, which looks like a white circle decorated with a wreath of green leaves.

The tree in the center of the circle indicates the main object of export revenue in the country.

In front of the tree is a shield, its surface is divided into three parts. The top two contain the tools of the woodsmen: an axe and a saw on a yellow background, and a hammer and an oar on a white background. The lower part of the division contains a sailing vessel sailing on the waves. To the right and left of the shield are two men: a mulatto holding an oar and a mestizo with an axe in his hand. At the bottom of the circle, the motto of the state of Belize is written against a ribbon.

Flag colors

There are about 12 colors on the national flag of Belize, which is a record among the flags of other countries. There are six main colors: red, blue, green, white, yellow and brown.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The colors of the main background represent the political parties of the state. The blue is the United People’s Party of Belize, and the red is the Democratic Party. Located in the center of the composition wreath on a white background contains 50 olive leaves, which is a reference to 1950, when the country had another name – British Honduras. It was in that year that Belize began its struggle for independence from Britain.

In the center of the circle you can see a mahogany tree, it means that the first Europeans in the country were engaged in extraction of precious wood. Depicted tools on the shield also indicate the occupation of the inhabitants of the state, and the ship is associated with maritime trade and shipping.

Synopsis. Figures of people of color indicate race: mulatto and mestizo.

Interestingly, the inscription on the ribbon placed under the white circle reads “Sub Umbra Floreo,” which can be translated into Russian as “I thrive in the shadows. The motto implies the influence of the British authorities. However, even after the independence of Belize, the phrase on the flag has not been changed. The second difference from the world symbolism is the image of people, which makes the Belizean flag unique throughout the world.

General information about Belize

Official language English
Capital Belmopan
Territory 22,966 km2
Population 347,369 people
Currency Belize dollar
Phone Code +501

Map of Belize

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