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Nicaragua, or the Republic of Nicaragua, is a state located in Central America, with a territory of 129.5 thousand km2 and a population of over six million people.

This is what the modern flag of Nicaragua looks like:

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Nicaragua

History of the flag

The Spaniards conquered the territory of Nicaragua in the first quarter of the 16th century and made it their colony. Three centuries later Nicaragua became part of the Mexican Empire and was given a flag.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of the Mexican Empire

In 1823 a federative state was created in Central America (CA) consisting of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Los Altos. At that time the flag of Nicaragua was a tricolor cloth with the coat of arms of the Federal Republic of CA.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Central America

Subsequently, another coat of arms was added – the United Provinces of Central Asia.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of the United Provinces of Central America 1823 – 1824

The disintegration of the CA FR began with the withdrawal of Nicaragua in 1938, and the following year the country had its own symbol. After that, during the 19th century there were several attempts to restore the union.

Флаг Никарагуа (1839-1858)
Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858)

During the period 1896-1898 the Great Republic of CA was established and at that time the symbol of this association was used.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of the Great Republic of Central America (1898)

Unification into a union in the form of an organization of the CA states was in the middle of the 20th century, but the nature of this union was different from previous ones. In general, however, for all the time after leaving the Mexican Empire up to 1910, when the military junta seized power in the country, Nicaragua adopted and used various versions of flags:

  1. 1852-1854
Флаг Никарагуа (1852)
Flag of Nicaragua (1852)
  1. 1854-1854

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Nicaragua (1854-1858)
  1. 1858-1889 and 1893-1896
Flag of Nicaragua 1858-1889 and 1893-1896.
  1. 1889-1893
Флаг Никарагуа (1889-1893)
Flag of Nicaragua (1889-1893)
  1. 1896-November 1898 and on to 1908.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Nicaragua (1896-1908)

For a brief period in 1898 the symbol of the Great Republic of CA was used.

The modern flag of the Republic of Nicaragua was adopted in September 1908 and reapproved in August 1971.


The emblem of the Republic of Nicaragua includes two horizontal stripes of blue below and above and a white stripe between them. All three stripes have the same width. The sides of the cloth have a ratio of 3 to 5.

In the central part of the flag on its white part is the emblem of the republic, which is represented by a triangle with equal sides. Inside the figure shows 5 volcanoes by the sea. Above them is a headdress (Thracian cap) in red, from which white rays emanate. A rainbow is drawn above the cap and volcanoes. At the base of the triangle in a semicircle is the inscription: “Central America. At the top, from the left side of the triangle toward the right, again in a semicircle, is the inscription: “Republic of Nicaragua. The inscriptions are in Latin letters.

Flag colors

The main colors of the symbol of the republic are blue and white, plus all the colors of the rainbow depicted on the coat of arms. In addition, shades of green and yellow are used to illustrate volcanoes.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The blue colors symbolize the oceans: the Pacific and Atlantic. In addition, this color also refers to the lakes of Managua and Nicaragua. The white stripe represents the land (land) between the two seas.

The figure of a triangle with equal sides means equality. The rainbow is a symbol of goodness and peace, and the Thracian cap (or Phrygian cap) represents freedom.

The five volcanoes are the union and brotherhood of the states of Central America and the five states of this region.

Other Flags

In Nicaragua during the dictatorship there was a political force, the Sandinista Front of National Liberation, which had its own symbols.

Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of the Sandinista National Liberation Front

Some government organizations also have their own emblems:

  1. Armed Forces;
Флаг вооруженных сил Никарагуа
Flag of the Armed Forces of Nicaragua
  1. Air Force;
Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of the Nicaraguan Air Force
  1. Naval Forces.
Знак военно-морских сил Никарагуа
Nicaraguan Navy Badge

Similar flags

The national symbol of the Republic of Nicaragua has similarities with the symbols of such countries as:

  • Salvador
Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of El Salvador
  • Honduras
Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Honduras

The differences are that the central part of the flags apply their own symbols or images of coats of arms.

  • Argentina
Флаг Никарагуа
Flag of Argentina

In the case of Argentina, blue stripes are used instead of blue and a different coat of arms.

General information about Nicaragua

Official language Spanish
Capital Managua
Territory 129 494 km²
Population 5 966 798 people
Currency cordoba (NIO code 558)
Phone Code +505

Map of Nicaragua

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