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The Republic of Paraguay is a South American state with borders with Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. It has a territory of 406,800 square kilometers and a population of over 7 million people.

This is what the modern flag of Paraguay looks like:

Флаг Парагвая
Flag of the Republic of Paraguay

History of the flag

Paraguay became a colony of Spain in the 16th century and gained independence three centuries later, in 1811. Its national symbol was adopted in 1842, a design similar to the Dutch one, symbolizing freedom and independence. Its general appearance, proportions, and the emblems used on the cloth have changed over time, but the basis has been preserved to this day.

Флаг Парагвая
Flag of Paraguay (1842-1954)

There were several types of temporary symbols from the time of independence until the final version of the symbolism was adopted:

  1. The first and second of 1811;
Флаг Парагвая
Flag of Paraguay 1811
Флаг Парагвая Июнь 1811
Flag of Paraguay June 1811
  1. The third 1811-1812;
Флаг Парагвая 1811-1812
Flag of Paraguay 1811-1812
  1. 1812-1826;
Флаг Парагвая 1812-1826
Flag of Paraguay 1812-1826
  1. 1826-1842
Флаг Парагвая 1826-1842
Flag of Paraguay 1826-1842

The reverse side of the symbol of Paraguay, adopted in 1842, was different from the front.

Флаг Парагвая
Reverse of the flag of Paraguay (1842-1954)

More than a hundred years later, in 1954, the proportions of the cloth were changed from a ratio of 2 to 3 to 1 to 2.

Флаг Парагвая
Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988)

The emblems and coloring of the sides have been retained on both the front and back sides.

Флаг Парагвая
Reverse of the flag of Paraguay (1954-1988)

Another change of proportions occurred in 1988. This time the aspect ratio became 3 to 5 (obverse, reverse).

Флаг Парагвая
Obverse of the flag of Paraguay (1988-1990)
Флаг Парагвая
Reverse of the flag of Paraguay (1988-1990)

In 2013, the national symbol acquired a modern look: the proportions became 11 to 20, and the emblem on the back was changed. In addition, the coat of arms was simplified.

Флаг Парагвая
The reverse side of the modern flag of Paraguay


The flag of Paraguay consists of three equal horizontal stripes, which from top to bottom alternate in the following sequence: red, white, blue.

In the central part of the flag there are emblems on a white stripe:

  1. The coat of arms of the country on the front side;
Флаг Парагвая
Coat of Arms of Paraguay
  1. Treasury seal on the reverse side.
Флаг Парагвая
Treasury seal

The coat of arms of Paraguay, shown in the foreground, includes a five-pointed star in yellow. The star is encircled by an olive branch on the left side in a semi-circle and a palm branch on the right side in the same manner. A red ribbon with the inscription in Spanish, Republica del Paraguay, wraps around these images.

The treasury seal shows a lion guarding a red Phrygian cap (headdress). Above the lion is an inscription of the national motto: paz y justicia (peace and justice).

Flag colours

The main colors of the symbol of Paraguay are:

  • red,
  • white,
  • blue.

In addition to these are also used green, black, yellow for the image of the coat of arms.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

Like many nations whose national symbols were adopted in the mid-19th century, the colors of the Paraguayan flag have similarities to the French tricolor, which means independence and freedom. Individually, each symbolizes:

  • courage, equality and patriotism – red stripe;
  • unity, purity and peace – white;
  • freedom, benevolence – blue.

The olive branch and palm branch on the coat of arms represent peace and honor, respectively. The seal on the back of the coat of arms is a symbol of freedom.

Other Flags

The presidential Standard has a dark blue background with the coat of arms in the center and four yellow five-pointed stars in the corners.

Флаг Парагвая
Flag of the President of Paraguay

The Navy Jack of the country is a cloth of white background with red and blue diagonals and a five-pointed star at the point of intersection.

Флаг Парагвая
Navy Jack of Paraguay

The front and back of Paraguay’s national symbol are different. Since 1990, the front side is represented by the coat of arms and the back side by the treasury seal.

General information about Paraguay

Official language Spanish and Guarani
Capital Asuncion
Territory 406 752 km²
Population 7 003 000 people
Currency Paraguayan Guaraní

(PYG, code 600)

Phone Code +595

Map of Paraguay

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