Flag of Suriname


The Republic of Suriname is a state located in South America. For a long time it was a colony and gained its independence and its symbol only in 1975.

This is what the modern flag of Suriname looks like:

Флаг Суринама
Flag of the Republic of Suriname

History of the flag

From 1667 to 1954 the flag of the Netherlands was used because Suriname was their colony.

Флаг Нидерландов
Flag of the Netherlands

Later came the symbol of the autonomous Suriname, a white cloth with five stars of different colors (black, white, red, yellow and brown) connected by an oval.

Флаг Суринама
Flag of the Autonomous Suriname within the Kingdom of the Netherlands 14 March 1966 – 25 November 1975

Dutch Guiana is the unofficial name of the colony.

The governor also used his own banner; it was identical to the flag of autonomy, but had Dutch flags stretched across the entire length of the cloth on the bottom and top.

Флаг Суринама
Flag of the Governor of Dutch Guiana

The modern flag was officially adopted on November 25, 1975, after the country gained its independence.


It is a banner of rectangular shape with five horizontal stripes of different sizes, five-pointed star on the central stripe and a ratio of sides 2:3.

Flag colors

Green, red, white and gold.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Green – the richness and fertility of the land of the country.
  • Red – prosperity, development and progress.
  • White – freedom and justice reigning in the country.
  • The golden five-pointed star represents a bright future that can only be achieved by uniting.

Other Flags

From 1975 to 1988 the Prime Minister of Suriname used a yellow cloth with a white rectangle on which is the coat of arms of Suriname. On it two inhabitants of the country hold a shield divided into two halves – the left – the past, the right – the present. The coat of arms also bears the inscription “Justitia, Pietas, Fides”, which is Latin for “Justice, Righteousness, Faithfulness”.

Флаг Суринама
Standard of the Prime Minister of Suriname 1975 – 1988

The Standard of the President – green with a white rectangle, in the center – the coat of arms of the state, on both sides of it – red squares.

Флаг Суринама
Standard of the President of Suriname

The banner of the Armed Forces has three horizontal stripes, the outer ones are blue, the center one is red, and in the middle of it there is a gold star.

Флаг Суринама
Flag of the Armed Forces of Suriname

Interesting facts about the flag

Red and green are the colors of Suriname’s political parties at the time of independence.

The locals support the philosophy that their national symbol conveys and are very fond of it.

General information about Suriname

Official language Dutch
Capital Paramaribo
Territory 163,821 km²
Population 585,824 people
Currency Suriname dollar (SRD, 968)
Phone Code +597

Map of Suriname

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