Flag of Anguilla


Anguilla is a self-governing British Overseas Territory. It received this status in 1998. The area of the territory is 91 km2, population 15.8 thousand people.

This is what the modern flag of Anguilla looks like:

Флаг Ангильи
Flag of the Overseas Territory of Anguilla

History of the flag

In 1967, the first flag of its own was approved.

The island of Anguilla was briefly an independent state and had a different flag.

Флаг Ангильи
Flag of the Republic of Anguilla 23.07.1967 – 29.09.1967

However, after the return of British sovereignty restored the previous, and after a short time approved the current form of the flag.

Флаг Ангильи
Flag of Anguilla September 29, 1967 – May 30, 1990


The official flag of Anguilla looks similar to that of other British overseas territories. The general blue background of the flag has the British symbol in the upper left corner (at the staff) and the coat of arms of Anguilla on the right side.

On the coat of arms are three dolphins in a circular formation, i.e. the same symbol used on the previous flag of Anguilla is retained.

The colors of the flag of Anguilla

The main colors on the flag of Anguilla are blue, red and white. Light brown and blue are additionally used to represent the coat of arms on the flag.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The dolphins depicted on the flag of Anguilla symbolize friendship, wisdom and strength. The white color in the background, denotes peace. Blue is associated with the sea, faith, youth and hope.

Interesting facts about the flag

The overseas territory was in different years a colony or was part of different powers. Beginning in 1 890 countries used different versions of symbolism. For example:

  • The flag of the colonies of Great Britain, as a rule, also had its symbol on it:
  • being part of the West Indies federation used the symbol of the federation;
Флаг Ангильи
Flag of Anguilla in the West Indies Federation
  • under the associated (with Great Britain) state – the cloth looked like three multicolored vertical stripes with a palm tree in the center.
Флаг Ангильи
Flag of the “Associated State of Great Britain” St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla

General information about Anguilla

Official language English
Capital Wally
Territory 91 km2
Population 15 800 people
Currency eastern Caribbean dollar

(XCD, code 951)

Phone Code +1-264

Map of Anguilla

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