Flag of Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has faced changes in its political system as well as various variations of one of its main emblems in its history.

This is what the modern flag of Luxembourg looks like:

Флаг Люксембурга
Flag of Luxembourg

History of the flag

Willem I, King of the Netherlands, also became ruler of Luxembourg in 1815. Along with his appearance the state got its symbols – the flag and coat of arms, similar to the modern ones.

From 1815 Luxembourg, together with Belgium, was part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. The main part separated in 1830, the rest in 1890.

Later, the chairman of the Christian Social Party proposed the adoption of a new flag. It was a banner of blue and white stripes (each color has five stripes), with a red lion in the center, standing on two hind legs and raising the front ones up, the lion’s head topped with a gold crown. Of the same color are the tongue and claws of the animal, whose muzzle is looking at the shaft. It had a name – “The Red Lion”.

Флаг Люксембурга
Flag of Luxembourg – Red Lion.png

In 1972, however, the red, white and blue flag was returned and became the official symbol of the Duchy. And twenty years later, in 1992, the blue color became lighter in order to make the difference with the flag of the Netherlands clearer.


It is a tricolor with stripes of equal width and length – red, white and blue.

The colors of the Luxembourg flag

Red, white, blue.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The leadership and residents of the state are not in the habit of interpreting the colors and symbolism of their cloth in any way, so its meaning can only be clarified by referring to the traditional signs of heraldry.

  • Red – blood shed for freedom and independence, honor, courage and bravery.
  • White – peace, nobility and openness.
  • Blue – sky, purity and noble thoughts.

It is believed that these colors were popular with the nobility of Luxembourg.

Other Flags

Residents of the country have long insisted that the Red Lion should be used as the distinctive mark of the fleet, a decision on this issue was not made for a long time. But today it is the symbol of civilian ships.

The same flag is considered the symbol of the Luxembourg dynasty and has belonged to it since the 13th century.

Interesting facts about the flag

It differs from the flag of the Netherlands only in the intensity of the coloration of the lower stripe, the Grand Duchy’s is lighter.

After the reintroduction of the flag, which is similar to the Dutch flag, the government faced the dissatisfaction of the citizens, who considered the change in the shade of the stripe not too obvious a difference, the flag was not replaced, it has remained in its place for about half a century.

General information about Luxembourg

Official language Luxembourg, French,


Capital Luxembourg
Territory 2586,4 km²
Population 602 005 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978)
Phone Code +352

Map of Luxembourg

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