Bahrain flag


This is what the modern flag of Bahrain looks like:

Флаг Бахрейна
Bahrain flag


The final version of the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain was legislated in 2002.

The first versions of the flag were monochrome and entirely red. Subsequently, additional colors were added to the flag, influenced by historical events.

The full red flag served as a historical reminder of the early Muslim sects of the Kharijites, who had a great influence on the “Muslim world” and the “Middle East”, in general.

флаг Бахрейна до 1820 года
Flag of Bahrain before 1820

In 1820 a military truce was reached between England and Bahrain. Earlier, the British had attacked Bahrain, in order to turn the kingdom into an English colony. As a sign of this, as a symbol of the desired peace, a white vertical stripe was placed on the flag. By the way, later the British colonized Bahrain in 1871, but the design of the flag remained unchanged until then.

Флаг Бахрейна 1820—1932
Flag of Bahrain 1820-1932

In 1933, while still under British protectorate, in order to make the flag more distinguishable on the potential battlefield and on the political map of the world, the border between white and red is blurred and made unique by adding a zigzag. Previously, the division was simply vertical.

Флаг Бахрейна
Flag of Bahrain 1932-1972

In 2002, the last revision takes place – five white triangles – the symbol of the five pillars of Islam – are put on the flag of Bahrain. This event provoked a mixed reaction from the world community – the state legislated its adherence to Shariah (the obsolete rules of the world order, religious views and human laws).

Флаг Бахрейна
Bahrain flag

Description of the Bahraini flag

The proportions of the cloth are 3:5. Visually the flag is divided into a large red (vertical stripes). There is a zigzag line, with the beginning of the line at the junction of the zigzag and 4 sharp angles of triangles – the unity of the major cities of the country at that time.

The colors of the flag and their meaning

  • Red is an influential sect of the Kharijites. The main religious belief of this sect is equality and mutual assistance to all Muslims.
  • White (triangles) – loyalty to Allah and Islam.
  • White is a symbol of truce, peace and mental purity.

General information about Bahrain

Official language Arabic
Capital Manama
Territory 766 km2
Population 1,343,000 people
Currency Bahraini dinar
Phone Code +973

Map of Bahrain

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