Flag of Nepal


One of the most striking and memorable state insignia belongs to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, for which, however, it is not something unusual or out of the ordinary.

This is what the modern flag of Nepal looks like:

Флаг Непала
Flag of Nepal

History of the flag

Officially adopted in 1962 – that’s when the idea came to combine the two historical symbols that had been used separately for several centuries before.

The first flag that existed before it was exactly the same, differing only in the fact that the largest star and the earth’s satellite depicted on it had faces, because it denoted the king and the entire ruling dynasty. The border was green.

Флаг Непала
The first flag of the Federal Republic of Nepal.

The symbols belong to the first rulers of Rana.


The unique national symbol is the only one of its kind with a non-rectangular shape. It is a pennant with a border created from the other two.

For Hindus, this kind is traditional. There are many similar ones in South Asia, such as the states of India.

Flag colors

Red, blue and white.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Red is the national color of Nepal.
  • Blue is a peaceful sky.
  • White – purity.
  • Moon and sun – sign of the state’s eternal existence, which will only end when these celestial luminaries are extinguished.
  • Shape – Everest worship and tribute.

Breaking unspoken standards, Nepal has created an original emblem that has ensured its discussion for years and recognition among tourists.

General information about Nepal

Official language Nepali
Capital Kathmandu
Territory 140 800 km²
Population 30 430 267 people
Currency Nepalese rupee
Phone Code +977

Map of Nepal

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