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Qatar is a Muslim emirate. The main territory consists of deserts with small oases. Despite the poor flora and the constant need for drinking water, Qatar is considered a rich country due to its mineral resources.

This is what the modern flag of Qatar looks like:

Флаг Катара
Qatar flag

History of the flag of Qatar

The first version of the Qatari flag, which appeared in 1916, was executed in a red and white design.

Флаг Катара
Flag of Qatar 1916-1932

Due to the strong sun, the red color constantly burned out and turned brown, so it was replaced by a darker color in 1936. Additionally, the flag was inscribed with “Qatar” in Arabic script.

Флаг Катара
Qatar Flag 1936-1949

In 1949 there was a new flag of Qatar, but it was approved in 1971.

The adoption of the new version of the flag was facilitated by the country’s liberation from the British protectorate and independence.


The flag of Qatar is a rectangular burgundy cloth. It has a broad white line with nine prongs. The number of teeth is not accidental: it symbolizes the ninth state of the Persian Gulf. Qatar became it after participating in the “Reconciliation of the Emirates” process and signing the treaty with Britain.

The colors of the Qatar flag

The official symbol has 2 colors – maroon and white. They divide the flag’s area into irregular parts: the white one is 2 times smaller.

Meaning of colors and symbols of the flag

Color scheme:

  • Dark red and burgundy shades traditionally in heraldry symbolize blood. Here it is a call to recall those people whose lives were sacrificed during armed conflicts.
  • The white color means peace and harmony. It speaks of the good intentions of its people and promises that all will be well in the future.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • The width of the cloth is several times its height. It is the longest and narrowest flag of all nations. Sometimes more standard proportions are used, but not at official events.
  • The flag of Qatar is very similar to the flag of Bahrain, the state next door. They differ from each other only in the number of teeth and the color shade of the background – red and burgundy.

General information about Qatar

Official language Arabic
Capital Doha
Territory 11 586 km2
Population 2,638,657 people
Currency Qatari riyal (QAR)
Phone Code +3

Map of Qatar

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