Flag of Algeria


This is what the flag of Algeria looks like:

Флаг Алжира
Flag of Algeria

Algeria is the largest state in Africa. Like any political entity, it has its state symbols: the anthem, the coat of arms and the flag. And if to understand the anthem you need to know the Arabic language, the coat of arms and the flag are more accessible to everyone. In this article we will talk about the last of these symbols, the flag, the history of its appearance and its meaning.

History of the flag

The territory of modern Algeria was a colony of the French Republic until the second half of the twentieth century. That is why it did not have any symbols of independence until then. After a brutal war against the French, it was decided to hold a referendum, which raised the issue of independence of the colony. As a result, on July 1, 1962, Algeria became an independent state. And just two days later the official flag of the country was approved.

It is believed that the flag of the state is the same cloth that was used by the National Liberation Front during the war for the independence of the country. The Front was organized in 1954, headed by the military leader, scholar and poet Abdel Kadir, who later became a national Algerian hero.


The flag of Algeria is a rectangular-shaped cloth divided into two vertical stripes of equal width. The left side is green and the right side is white. In the center is a red crescent moon, inside which is a five-pointed star of the same color. The cloth has an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Флаг Алжира
Flag of Algeria

Flag colors

The Algerian flag uses three colors: green, white and red. The first of these is considered the traditional color of the religion of the vast majority of the country’s citizens, the Muslims. Another interpretation of this color is the belief in victory. Green emphasizes the fact that the independence of the country was wrested from the invaders.

White is a symbol of purity as well as mourning for those who died fighting for ideals. In Algeria, it refers to the heroes who fought to liberate the country from colonial oppression.

Red is a symbol of the importance of freedom to the state.

The meaning of the Algerian flag

The crescent and star depicted on the canvas are symbols of Islam, which began to be interpreted as Muslim since the 1950s-60s. It is also worth noting that the crescent with strongly elongated horns is a peculiar Algerian omen. It, according to the citizens of Algeria, is supposed to bring good luck, both to people and to the entire state. And also such a sign among the Algerians brings happiness.

Similar symbols – the crescent and star, though white – were used in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. Today, the same symbol with a “rounded” crescent and star, but on a red background, is depicted on the flag of the Republic of Turkey.

The flag of Algeria is an inseparable symbol of the country, which reflects both national history and religion, as well as ideals and principles. That is why its recognizable red crescent with a star is also present on the state’s coat of arms. And the naval flag actually repeats the national flag, except for the addition of a pair of crossed anchors in the upper corner on the left.

Flag construction:

Флаг Алжира
Flag building
Флаг Алжира
Navy flag

General information about Algeria

Official language Arabic, Berber
Capital Algeria
Territory 2,381,740 km2
Population 40 400 000
Currency Algerian dinar
Phone Code +213

Map of Algeria

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