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On the coast of the Indian Ocean in eastern Africa is the state of Kenya, a rather curious and interesting country. It is home to a large number of animal species: elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros, crocodiles and others. No less remarkable is its symbolism – the flag of the state.

This is what a modern flag of Kenya looks like:

Флаг Кении


The flag first appeared in the Vitu Sultanate, in what is now Kenya. The heyday of the Vitu was in the second half of the 19th century. The Sultanate became another British colony in 1893, so for the first time the official symbolism of the state was adopted at that time.

Флаг Кении
Vitu’s flag

After the 1920s Kenya began to use a different symbolism – the flag of British East Africa. Like other symbols of colonial possessions, this flag had British symbols as its main design.

Флаг Кении
Flag of Kenya 1921-1963

The modern symbolism of Kenya was adopted in December 1963. It was at that time that the country gained its independence. The symbol was based on the flag of the political organization KANU, Kenya African National Union (Kenya African National Union), which actively participated in the struggle for independence. The KANU party also changed the form of government. Kenya became a Republic in 1964.

Африканский Национальный Союз Кении
African National Union of Kenya

There are also other varieties of flags in the Republic of Kenya:

  1. Naval. The flag is rectangular in shape. On a common white background in the upper corner on the left is the official national flag of the country in the colors used. In the right corner is an image of an anchor, executed in red.
Флаг Кении
  1. Air Force. It is a cloth on which in the upper left corner is a picture of state symbols, and at the bottom right is a target decorated in green, white, red and black. All this on a common blue background.
Флаг Кении
Military air flag of Kenya
  1. The flag of the defense forces. The banner consists of equal horizontal stripes of red, blue, and blue. As with previous insignia, the top left side shows the national symbol, and the bottom right side shows a picture of a blue anchor with a golden eagle and a ribbon with an inscription.
Флаг Кении
Flag of the Kenya Defense Forces


The national symbol of Kenya has the well-known rectangular shape. The cloth is divided into equal horizontal bands of green, red and black, which are highlighted between each other by thin white stripes. The centerpiece of the cloth is the weapons of the Masai warriors: two spears crossed on the back side of the shield.

Flag colors

There are four colors on the Kenya symbol – black, red, green and white.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The heraldry of the national flag of Kenya is based on color symbolism. Black symbolizes the population of the country, red symbolizes the blood shed for independence, green symbolizes the natural resources and agriculture of the African country. White denotes peace. The presence of the Maasai coat of arms on the flag symbolizes the struggle for freedom and willingness to defend it.

Interesting facts about the flag

Unlike other countries, where the color black on the symbol of the state is interpreted rather gloomy, because it indicates the tragic pages in the history of the country (for example, brutal wars), on the flags of African countries this color symbolizes the indigenous people. Kenya is no exception, as 99% of the inhabitants are black.

General information about Kenya

Official language English,


Capital Nairobi
Territory 582,650 km2
Population 44,037,656 people
Currency Kenya shilling
Phone Code +254

Map of Kenya

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