Flag of Niger


Niger is a state occupying a small territory in West Africa. For a long time it belonged to the colonies of France, but became independent and created its own symbols.

This is what the modern flag of Niger looks like:

Флаг Нигера
Flag of the Republic of Niger

History of the flag

Adopted at the end of 1959, on the eve of the declaration of independence.

Niger was a French colony from 1884 to 1960.

The forerunner of the modern one was the flag of France, which was used as the official flag in all the territories belonging to the country at that time.

Флаг Франции используемые Мадагаскаром
Flag of France


The flag is a tricolor of almost square shape (6:7) with horizontal stripes. On its central stripe is a circle, equally distant from the flagstaff and from the free edge of the cloth.

Flag colors

Orange, white, green.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Orange – the Sahara Desert.
  • White – purity and simplicity.
  • Green – the country’s fertile land, hope for a better future.
  • The circle in the center is the Sun.

Interesting facts about the flag

The flag with exactly the same colors, arranged in the same order, belongs to India. The only difference is that the Indian symbol has the Ashoka Chakra in the center, not the orange circle.

Флаг Нигера
Flag of India

General information about Niger

Official language French
Capital Niamey
Territory 1 267 000 km²
Population 23 470 530 people
Currency CFA franc BCEAO
Phone Code +227

Map of Niger

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