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This is what the modern flag of Bangladesh looks like:

Флаг Бангладеш
Flag of Bangladesh

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, was long under Indian rule and was a British colony. After a brutal war with Pakistan, the state gained official independence. And already in 1971 it gained its national flag.

History of the flag

The flag, as it exists today, was adopted on January 17, 1972. In order to distinguish it from the Pakistani, it was decided not to use the crescent and star, symbols of the religion of Islam. Originally, the offices of the state were in the middle of the circle, as in the atlas.

Флаг Бангладеш
Flag of Bangladesh 6 March 1971 – 17 January 1972

But a year later the government decided to remove it because it was difficult to reproduce it correctly on both sides of the canvas. The name of the artist who created it is Kumrul Hassan. The first time the flag of Bangladesh was hoisted was in 1971. But then its design was refined to better characterize the state to which it belongs.

The flag of Bangladesh entered the Guinness Book of World Records on December 16, 2013, as the largest flag. It was created by 27,117 people.

What does the flag of the republic look like?

The flag is a sphere on the field. The circle is not exactly in the center of the rectangle, its radius is the intersection point of two lines. One of which is drawn in the middle of a narrow band.

The Bangladesh Air Force uses a slightly modified version of the flag. On the blue background of the rectangle at the top at the base is a small copy of the national flag, and in the lower right quarter of the field is a red disk, which is framed in a green circle.

Флаг Бангладеш
1:2 Bangladesh Air Force Flag

The flags that trade organizations use are also different from the national flag. They are bright red, with a rectangle at the top showing the national symbol of Bangladesh. This flag is also used by citizens on private ships.

1:2 Торговый флаг Бангладеш
1:2 Trade flag of Bangladesh

The Navy also uses a different flag. The white rectangle has a smaller version of the state version.

1:2 Флаг ВМС Бангладеш
1:2 Flag of the Bangladesh Navy

Flag colors

There are only two – green and red. The red circle is in the center of the green rectangle.

What do the colors and symbols of the flag mean?

The green field of the flag of Bangladesh symbolizes Islam, which is the main religion for most of the inhabitants of the state, as well as the rich vegetation of the country. It is not for nothing that it was awarded the title of “The Greenest State in the World. The red disk on the green field is the rising sun, which illuminates the independent and free in its development country.

Bangladesh has passed a hard and bloody way to find its own community and statehood. The ancient civilization of the territory dates back four thousand years, but only recently the inhabitants managed to restore their national idea. And the flag is not just a symbol of the state, but also a reminder of how this freedom came to be.

General information about Bangladesh

Official language Bengali
Capital Dhaka
Territory 144,000 km2
Population 168,957,745 people
Currency Taka
Phone Code +880

Map of Bangladesh

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