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Located hundreds of kilometers from northwest Africa, the Republic of Cape Verde is famous for its culture, which combines both African and Portuguese traditions and, of course, its musical style, the Morne, which is included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

This is what the modern flag of Cape Verde looks like:

Флаг Кабо-Верде
Flag of Cape Verde

History of the flag

Beginning in the 15th century, when Portugal colonized the Cape Verde Islands, these territories lived under the governor’s flag, which was considered the official symbol of a uniform pattern for all Portuguese colonies.

Флаг Кабо-Верде
The flag of the governor of Cape Verde Island

In the 1960s, separate symbols were approved for all overseas territories, the basis of which was the flag of Portugal, in the right side of which was the coat of arms of the colonial territory – Cape Verde.

Флаг Кабо-Верде
The flag of Cape Verde in the 1960s

Since the middle of the 20th century the liberation movement led by the African Guinea and Cape Verde Independence Party (PAIGC) began on the islands. A flag of three colors (green, yellow, red) with a five-pointed star in black was used then as the flag, which, after the independence of Guinea-Bissau (1974), became the official flag of that state.

At the same time, Portugal agreed to the autonomy of Cape Verde, and in 1975 the country became independent.

Interesting! The Independent State has only slightly redesigned the PAIGC flag, adding stalks of corn with cobs on the red part of it in the form of a wreath, with a shell at the base.

Флаг Кабо-Верде
Flag of the Republic of Cape Verde 5 July 1975 – 22 September 1992

The current national flag of the Republic of Cape Verde was officially raised for the first time in September 1992, when the country chose the democratic path of development.


Флаг Кабо-Верде
Flag of Cape Verde

The flag of the Republic of Cape Verde is rectangular in shape, but its proportions are not typical of the, familiar to the eye, emblems of most independent countries. Its length to width ratio is 17 to 10. This is a blue cloth, divided into two unequal parts by three white-red-white stripes, marked horizontally. In its left half there are 10 five-pointed stars of golden color in a circular pattern. The number of stars equals the number of inhabited islands of Cape Verde.

The center of the circle falls on the red stripe. The radius of the circle is 25% of the width of the cloth. The bottom blue part and the combined width of the red and white stripes are the same. The width of the top blue part is equal to 50% of the width of the cloth.

Flag colors

Four colors are used on the state flag: blue, white, red, and yellow (golden). The alternation of colors, as it were, speaks of the process of formation of the nation and the state.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The blue color of the flag of the Republic of Cape Verde symbolizes the waters of the Atlantic Ocean around the Cape Verdean Islands, where the state is located. Blue also signifies the color of the sky over the country.

The red stripe on the flag of Cape Verde represents the stubbornness and perseverance of the islanders. As for the color white, it is a symbol of peace, which is what the people strive for.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • The flag of the Republic of Cape Verde is used by the land forces and navy. The flag of Cape Verde flutters on the masts of public and private ships, including merchant ships.
  • The current flag differs from the previous one in that it embodies the idea of an “Atlantic nation” and correlates more with the EU flag (circular stars on a blue background) as well as with the US flag (red and white stripes).

In addition to state officials, the flag can also be hoisted (used) by ordinary citizens.

  • The 10 stars on the white and red stripes represent Cape Verde’s place on the main transatlantic sea and air routes.

General information about the Republic of Cape Verde

Official language Portuguese,


Capital Praja
Territory 4,033 km2
Population 560,899 people
Currency escudo Cape Verde

(CVE code 132)

Phone Code +238

Map of the Republic of Cape Verde

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