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The national symbol of any country in the world contains historical references to events that influenced the formation of the state and political system. The colors of the flag reflect the struggle of the local people for independence, the state of the country’s economy, as well as the location on the map and the presence of natural resources. The coat of arms or emblem, placed on the cloth, can indicate the cultural and religious beliefs or occupation of the inhabitants of the state.

This is what the modern flag of Egypt looks like:

Флаг Египта
Flag of Egypt

History of the Egyptian flag

In 1923, by royal decree, the first Egyptian national flag was approved after the country gained independence from Great Britain on March 16 of the same year. The symbol was painted green, with a crescent turned pointwise to the right and three pentagonal stars in the background.

Флаг Египта
Flag of the Kingdom of Egypt – December 10, 1923 – June 18, 1953

A military coup, initiated by the Free Officers organization, took place in 1952, and at the same time King Farouk abdicated the throne. It was decided to change the symbol of the state, and on June 18, 1953, the flag became a tricolor cloth, with horizontal stripes marked in red, white and black.

Флаг Египта
Flag of the Republic of Egypt June 18, 1953 – February 22, 1958

In the center of the composition was a golden eagle with three stars and a crescent on the chest.

In February 1958, the Egyptian president decided on another flag, which also contained a tricolor of horizontally arranged stripes. However, the central part of the white color now had two green stars.

Флаг Египта
Flag of the United Arab Republic February 22, 1958-December 31, 1971

It wasn’t until January 1, 1972 that the stars were replaced by a golden hawk.

Флаг Египта
Flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt January 1, 1972 – October 4, 1984
Flag of the Federation of Arab Republics 1972 – 1977

The modern appearance of the symbol of the state acquired on October 4, 1984, when the hawk was replaced by an eagle, which represented the symbol of Sultan Salah ad-Din. Since then, the image of the flag of the Republic of Egypt has not been changed. In addition to the three stripes and the golden eagle, the flag of the Navy contains two intersecting anchors located in the upper left corner.

Other Flags of Egypt:


The flag of Egypt is a rectangular cloth, arranged horizontally, with an aspect ratio of 2:3. The main background is divided into three equally sized strips. In the center of the flag, not protruding beyond the boundaries of the white stripe, depicts a golden eagle. The bird’s head is turned to the left and raised slightly upward. On the chest of the eagle is a shield and in the bird’s claws is a scroll with an inscription in Arabic. The Arabic ligature can be translated into Russian as “The Arab Republic of Egypt. The golden eagle is a symbol of sovereignty, power and beauty.

The colors of the Egyptian flag

The national flag of the Republic of Egypt is divided into three equal stripes and painted in the traditional Arabic colors. Starting at the top, there is red, then white, and at the very bottom black. On the background of the white stripe is a golden eagle.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The red color, with which the upper stripe of the flag is painted, is a symbol of the struggle for independence against the colonial regime of Britain. The white color evokes the year 1952, when the revolution, called “bloodless”, took place. It ended the monarchy and made possible the emergence of a republican form of government.

The black color of the lower stripe points to the past of the country and symbolizes the final deliverance from the rule of the British colonizer. In addition, the color signifies the inflexibility of the people’s spirit.

The golden bird is the symbol of the Egyptian Sultan Salah ad-Din, who led the fight against the Crusaders in the 12th century.

The belonging of the golden eagle is actively discussed among archaeologists. The image of the bird was found on the wall of the citadel of Cairo on the west side. Presumably the golden eagle was the personal talisman of the Sultan of Egypt. The symbol was later adopted as the insignia of a group of Arab nationalists who lived in the territories of Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and modern-day Libya.

Flags are decorated every Friday, as well as during public holidays and on important ceremonial occasions. The country’s symbol is present at customs and border posts. Desecration of the flag in Egypt is a criminal offense that is punishable because it is considered a disrespect for authority and the state. The laws of the republic also protect symbols belonging to other countries.

General information about Egypt

Official language Arabic
Capital Cairo
Territory 1,001,450 km2
Population 97,041,072 people
Currency Egyptian pound
Phone Code +20

Map of Egypt

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