Flag of El Salvador


The Republic of El Salvador is a state whose southern part is washed by the Pacific Ocean. Before acquiring its present form, its symbol underwent many transformations.

This is what the modern flag of El Salvador looks like:

Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador

History of the flag

From 1821 to 1822 the Spanish flag was used (its version without the coat of arms), later.

Флаг Сальвадора 15 сентября 1821 — 20 февраля 1822
Flag of El Salvador September 15, 1821 – February 20, 1822

When the republic became part of the United Provinces of Central America, another appeared – with two blue and one white stripe. Over the years it has changed, with the coat of arms appearing on the middle stripe, first round, then oval in shape.

Флаг Сальвадора 20 февраля 1822 — 10 февраля 1823, 1841—1842, 1844 — 9 мая 1865
Flag of El Salvador February 20, 1822 – February 10, 1823, 1841-1842, 1844 – May 9, 1865

Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador 21 August 1823-1824,1842 – 1844

Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador 1824-1841,1921 – 1922

The United Provinces of Central America was a state that existed from 1823 to 1840. It included (except El Salvador) Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Los Altos.

From 1865 to 1912 another symbol was used – a banner with nine stripes, and in the upper left corner of it, at the stem – a red rectangle with white stars. The number of stars on the flag gradually increased.

Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador May 9, 1865-June 1865
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador June 1865-1869
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador 1869-1873
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador 1873-1877
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador 1877 – 2 November 1898
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador November 2, 1898 – November 30, 1898
Флаг Сальвадора
Flag of El Salvador November 30, 1898 – May 17, 1912

The state gained independence from Spain in 1839. The symbol was officially approved on May 17, 1912.


It consists of three horizontal stripes, the two outermost ones having one color, the center one having another color. The ratio of the sides of the banner is 189 to 335.

Flag colors

Blue and white.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Blue – generosity, loyalty and honesty.
  • White is purity.

The coat of arms of the state, which is located in the center of the cloth, has a special meaning. It has a triangular shape. The triangle represents the equality of all the people, and its sides represent the power to which the people are subject. The mountains are the five nations of Central America. The Phrygian cap above them represents independence. The golden rays are the good thoughts of all the inhabitants of El Salvador. The fourteen leaves are the fourteen provinces. The rainbow that hangs above is a symbol of world peace.

Many believe that the triangle on the flag has to do with the Freemasons.

Other Flags

  • Civil Maritime and State – symbols without coat of arms or with the state motto “Dios Union Libertad” – “God, Union, Liberty”, which is written in yellow on the central stripe.
Флаг Сальвадора
Civil Maritime and Alternative National Flag of El Salvador
  • Citizen Flag
Гражданский флаг Сальвадора
The civil flag of El Salvador

Salvadorans, residents of the smallest Central American country, are very fond of their flag and proud of it.

General information about El Salvador

Official language Spanish
Capital San Salvador
Territory 21,400 km²
Population 6,460,000 people
Currency Salvadoran Colón (pre-2001);

US dollar (USD, code 840)

Phone Code +503

Map of El Salvador

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