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Malaysia is a state in Asia, consisting of Eastern and Western parts, the territorial structure and the number of states in the composition of which has changed several times in history, along with this significant change was exposed and the symbol.

This is what the modern flag of Malaysia looks like:

Флаг Малайзии
Flag of Malaysia

History of the flag

The official symbol of Malaysia got its status in 1963. The author of the prototype is Mohamed Hamza, who won the competition for the best flag in 1949. It is called the Glorious Stripe.

Until 1947, as in all British colonies, the flag of the metropolis was used in the country.

Флаг Малайзии
Flag of the metropolis of Malaysia

Malaysia was a British colony from the late 18th century until 1957.

In 1947, when the development of its own constitution began, work began on the flag, which was in force from 1950 to 1963. Its main difference from today’s flag is that there were eleven states in the country at that time, so both the number of stripes and the number of rays in the star were similar.

Флаг Малайзии
Malay Federation 1950 – 1963

The colonies that made up the state also had their own symbols, the Federated and the Non-Federated Malayan States.

The Malayan Union, which existed from 1946 to 1948, also had its own flag.

Флаг Малайзии
Flag of the Malayan Union


The cloth has a rectangular shape and consists of fourteen successive red (the first is located above) and white (the last – below) stripes, the top of the flag at the stem has the form of a rectangle of dark blue, which has a yellow star with fourteen rays, on the left side of it – a crescent moon of the same color.

Flag colors

The symbol has five colors:

  • red,
  • white,
  • navy blue,
  • yellow.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The three main colors are a tribute to Great Britain, a colony of which Malaysia was for many years a colony, and yellow is a sign of royalty.

The crescent moon is a symbolic designation of the main Malaysian religion – Islam, the number of rays of the star equals the number of states in the country (thirteen), which are united with the federal government and subordinate to it. The rectangle represents the unified people living in the state.

Other Flags

In addition to the national flag, the country has a navy flag and the flag of the armed forces.

Interesting facts about the flag

The similarity between the flags of the United States and Malaysia can be explained by the fact that both states were once part of the colonial empire, Great Britain.

The history of the state was reflected in the appearance of its main flag, repeated adjustments made it the way everyone is used to seeing it.

General information about Malaysia

Official language Malay
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Territory 329 758 km2
Population 32 382 300 people
Currency ringgit
Phone Code +60

Map of Malaysia

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