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Mauritania is a small state in West Africa with an area of 1.0 million square kilometers, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Arabic is the official language. The country is of different ethnic origin – one part is occupied by Moors, Arabs, the other by Negro-African peoples. The state religion is Islam.

This is what the modern flag of Mauritania looks like:

Флаг Мавритании
Flag of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

This article tells you everything you need to know about the flag of Mauritania.

Mauritania is a developing power with a low standard of living compared to other regions of the continent. In the 1960s, deposits of iron ore were found in the territory. To this day it is the backbone of the economy of the small state.

History of the flag

Mauritania gained its official flag in 1959 after the referendum on the independence of the state. The author of the cloth was Moktar Daddah (the first president and prime minister of the state). Before independence, the nation was under the wing of the French colony, and even after gaining status, it did not have all the rights and freedoms.

Флаг Мавритании
Flag of Mauritania April 1, 1959 – August 15, 2017

Slavery is still sparse at the official level in the country.

Until 2017, the flag was completely green with a crescent and a star on it, and in the same year the president of Mauritania proposed a change in appearance. The people agreed and the flag got a new face – two red stripes were added to the green color.


The cloth is green, with two equal width strips of red at the top and bottom. In the middle is an inverted crescent moon and five-pointed star.

It turns out that the Mauritanian cloth is two-sided. The second side is the mirror image of the first.

Flag colors

Flag is rectangular in shape. Colors:

  • green,
  • red,
  • yellow.

The proportions of the color ratio are 3:2.

Flag options

Флаг Мавритании
Version of the old flag with the addition of red stripes, presented to parliament in 2017
Флаг Мавритании
Version with flattened crescent, larger bands of red, sometimes with a lighter shade of green

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

  • Green symbolizes the country’s religion, Islam.
  • Yellow (crescent and star) symbolizes the Sahara Desert, which occupies most of the country.
  • The red symbolizes the blood shed for the freedom and independence of Mauritania.

General information about Mauritania

Official language Arabic
Capital Nouakchott
Territory 1 030 700 km2
Population 3 359 185 people
Currency ugia
Phone Code +222

Map of Mauritania

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