Flag of Morocco


The Kingdom of Morocco is a state located in the northwestern part of Africa.

This is what the modern flag of Morocco looks like:

Флаг Марокко
Flag of Morocco

History of the flag

In ancient times, the Moroccan lands belonged to the Phoenician state (Carthage), the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire until the conquest by the Arabs.

The first state in these lands was founded in the 8th century, headed by the Idris dynasty. At that time a flag was used with an incomprehensible image resembling a lying flask on a general white background.

Флаг Марокко
Flag of Morocco 780-1070

From the 11th to the 12th century, during the Almoravid dynasty, the same symbol was used with the inscription: “there is no God but Allah, Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah. During this period there was a large empire whose center was Morocco.

Флаг Марокко
Flag of Morocco 1073-1147

With the fall of the Almoravid dynasty came a century-long period of the Almohad dynasty (1147-1248), under which the flag, which looked like a chessboard on a general red background, was also replaced. After the fall of the dynasty, the empire also collapsed.

Старейший известный флаг Марокко (XI—XIII века)
The oldest known flag of Morocco (11th-13th centuries)

From the middle of the 13th to the middle of the 17th century Morocco was ruled alternately by the Marinid, Saadid and Wattasid dynasties, under which the symbolism was again modified: an eight-pointed star was depicted on a red background. During this period, the flag of the Idris dynasty was also used in parallel. In the 16th-17th centuries the Moroccan state was on the rise again and reached the peak of its power.

Флаг Марокко
Flag of the Marinids

When the Alawite (Alawid) dynasty came to power, the country continued for a time with a unified state policy, but gradually the central authority began to weaken and eventually Morocco slipped into the category of a pirate state. At that time a rectangular red cloth was used as the flag.

Флаг Марокко 1666-1915
Flag of Morocco 1666-1915

This version of the symbol was used until the new official flag of Morocco, which was approved in November 1915.

In the 19th century, the state became the object of a struggle between such European countries as France, Spain, Britain, and a little later Germany. Eventually most of the country became ruled by France and the rest by Spain. In 1956, both parts gained independence.


The overall background of the national symbol of Morocco has a dark red coloring, and in the center of the cloth depicts a green five-pointed star (pentagram), which is separated from the red background by lines of black color. The banner has an aspect ratio of 2 to 3.

Flag colors

The main colors of the symbol of Morocco are red and green.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The color red for Moroccans has several explanations and is inextricably linked to the history of the state. It has been used for several centuries in the symbolism of Morocco to denote the royal family. In addition, the shade of red is a symbol of courage and strength.

The star on the cloth has been used since ancient times as a symbol of religion. For example, the star of King Solomon. Green is also associated with religion.

Other Flags

The Kingdom of Morocco has and also uses other symbols that signify state affiliation, or have to do with a particular structural branch of the state:

  • royal;
Флаг Марокко
The Royal Flag of Morocco
  • civilian;
Флаг Марокко
Moroccan civil flag
  • naval;
Флаг Марокко
The Moroccan Navy Flag
  • royal army;
Флаг Марокко
Flag of the Royal Moroccan Army
  • Huys.
Флаг Марокко

Interesting facts about the flag

When the territory was ruled by the French and Spanish, the official symbol adopted in 1915 was not allowed. Instead, other symbols (trade flags) were available:

  • of the French protectorate;
Флаг Марокко
Flag of Morocco under the French protectorate
  • of the Spanish protectorate.
Флаг Марокко
Flag of Spanish Morocco 7 January 1937 – 7 April 1956

After 1956, the version of the official symbol began to be used everywhere.

General information about Morocco

Official language Arabic, French, Spanish,

Berber, Tamazight

Capital Rabat
Territory 710 850 or 446 550 (excluding Western Sahara) km²
Population 33 848 242 people
Currency Moroccan dirham (MAD, code 504)
Phone Code +212

Map of Morocco

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