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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established so that the Muslim population of Hindustan could live in their own country, guided by their own ideological, religious and political ideas. Islam, as the state ideology, is reflected in official symbols, including the national flag.

This is what the modern flag of Pakistan looks like:

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of Pakistan

The position in which the ends of the crescent moon and star are turned to the left is not allowed.

History of the flag

The territory of Pakistan was in colonial dependence on the British crown until the middle of the 20th century. The partition of British India in 1947 resulted in the formation of Dominion Pakistan. “Pakistan” literally translates as “the place of the pure.

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of British India

With the declaration of independence on August 14, 1947, the flag of Pakistan was approved.

It was based on the banner of the party that fought for the rights of Muslims in British India, the All-India Muslim League.

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the All-India Muslim League

In 1956 the Dominion was transformed into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The rulers left the banner unchanged.

Islam was not just the dominant religion, but also the state ideology. This is reflected in the colors and symbols.

In Pakistan it is forbidden to raise any banner higher than the national flag. The only organization for which there is an exception is the United Nations.


A rectangle divided by a vertical line into two parts. The left part, at the staff, is a strip, the width of which is equal to 1/4 of the length of the cloth. The right part is a green rectangle, which occupies the main part of the cloth.

In the center of the green rectangle is a white crescent, its ends turned upward to the right. Between the crescent and the upper right corner of the flag is a white five-pointed star with one ray turned to the right corner.

The ratio of width to length is 2:3.

When raising two flags, the state flag is located on the right.

Flag colours

Two colors:

  • green – corresponds to RGB 1/65/28
  • white – corresponds to RGB 255/255/255

Meaning of colors and symbols of the flag

Unlike other countries, where the color green symbolizes nature, the homeland, in Pakistan this color stands for Muslims, the population practicing Islam.

The white stripe denotes non-Muslims living in the country. The country has a population of 207 million people and is represented by more than 100 nationalities.

The white star and crescent are symbols of Islam. The crescent is a sign of progress, the star a sign of knowledge, light.

The national symbol is sacred, it is strictly forbidden to touch it with dirty hands. The banner must not touch feet, shoes, ground or anything unclean.

Other Flags

The civilian is a red rectangle with the national flag in the roof.

Флаг Пакистана
Citizen Flag of Pakistan

The flag of the armed forces is a green rectangle with two naked crossed sabers. The blades are white, the handles are yellow. The blades point upward. Above them is a white crescent and star, turned to the left.

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the Armed Forces of Pakistan

The flag of the Navy looks like a national flag with a dark blue Navy emblem on a white stripe in the upper left corner with an anchor, an up-turned crescent and star above it, and the inscription “PAKISTAN” below it.

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the Pakistan Navy

The Navy Huise is a dark blue rectangle with a white Navy emblem in the center.

Флаг Пакистана
Navy Guise

The Air Force banner is a blue rectangle with the national flag in the wing. At the bottom right is a white circle encircled by a wide green circle.

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the Pakistan Air Force

Civil aviation – a blue rectangle divided lengthwise into two equal parts by a dark blue stripe. On either side of the stripe are thin white stripes. In the roof is the national flag.

Флаг Пакистана
Civil Aviation Flag of Pakistan

Standard of the President of Pakistan:

Флаг Пакистана
Standard of the President of Pakistan

Standard of the Prime Minister of Pakistan:

Флаг Пакистана
Standard of the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Flag of the Supreme Court of Pakistan:

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Flag of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan:

Флаг Пакистана
Flag of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan

Interesting facts about the flag

  • The flag goes up at sunrise and comes down at sunset. The only place where it is raised around the clock is the Parliament building. At night, it is necessarily illuminated by artificial light.
  • It is forbidden to cover the grave and bury with the coffin.
  • In 2014, more than 29,000 people formed a “living flag” at Lahore Stadium, lining the stadium field and raising shields of green and white above their heads. The record was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The previous record was set at the same stadium two years earlier. More than 24 thousand people took part in the action.

The people of Pakistan hold the flag in great reverence. Disrespectful acts towards it are unthinkable and unacceptable.

General information about Pakistan

Official language Urdu (Lashkari) and English
Capital Islamabad
Territory 803 940 km²
Population 207 774 520 people
Currency Pakistani rupee (PKR, code 586)
Phone Code +92

Map of Pakistan

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