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The island nation of Seychelles is located south of the equator in the western Indian Ocean. The Republic consists of 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. The population is about 100 thousand people, the total area is 455 square kilometers.

This is what the modern flag of Seychelles looks like:

Флаг Сейшельских Островов
Flag of the Republic of Seychelles

History of the flag

The discovery of the islands dates back to 1502. The first Europeans to land on the archipelago in 1609 were the British. In the mid-18th century, the French landed on the archipelago three times and in 1756 it was declared a French possession. At the same time, the territory, in honor of the French Minister of Finance Moreau de Seichelle, received its name. The symbol of that period was the royal standard of France (Bourbon dynasty).

Флаг Сейшельских Островов
The royal standard of France

After the French Revolution and the wars of the Napoleonic period, the islands finally established themselves as possessions of Great Britain. In 1903 they received the status of a separate colony and, as for other similar possessions, its own symbol was developed for it.

Флаг Сейшельских Островов 1903-1961
Flag of Seychelles 1903-1961

This version existed until 1961. From 1961 to 1976 it was slightly modified.

Флаг Сейшельских Островов 1961-1976
Flag of Seychelles 1961-1976

In 1976 the islands gained independence from Britain and within one year the new symbol of the independent state was in use. Its colors and the cross-shaped arrangement used signified that the British and French had once ruled the islands.

Флаг Сейшельских Островов 1976-1977
Flag of Seychelles 1976-1977

In addition, this symbol combined the symbols of the two leading parties:

  • United National’s Party (UNP),
объединенная народная партия (ОНП)
United National’s Party (UNP)
  • Democratic Party (DP).
демократическая партия (ДП)
Democratic Party (DP)

In 1977, as a result of a coup, the PPP, which came to power, changed the official symbol. This was based on the symbol of the party, but the sun was removed from it. This version lasted until 1996, in June of which the modern flag was adopted.

Флаг Сейшельских Островов 1977-1996
Flag of Seychelles 1977-1996


The rectangular cloth has an aspect ratio of 1 to 2. Its sides are divided into three equal parts, both in length and width. From the lower left corner (from the staff) four rays emerge, which divide the cloth into five differently colored oblique sectors. The sequence of their arrangement is as follows:

  • blue sector;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • white;
  • green.

Flag colors

The country’s flag has five colors: blue, yellow, red, white, and green.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The colors used on the flag denote:

  1. Blue is the sky and sea surrounding the Seychelles;
  2. Yellow is the sun;
  3. Red – the unity of people and their desire to work for peace, justice and love;
  4. White is the rule of law;
  5. Green is the living nature and abundant vegetation of the earth.

The colors of the Seychelles flag also have another designation. Red, white, and green are the colors of the Seychelles Progressive Front Party, and white and yellow are the colors of the Seychelles Autonomous Party.

The gradual expansion of the sectors means the development of the Seychelles and the vigor of its inhabitants.

Other Flags

The presidential standard of the country looks the same as the national symbol, but with the addition of the coat of arms on the red stripe.

Флаг Сейшельских Островов
Flag of the President of Seychelles

There are also flags belonging to other state structures:

  • Military flag front side, back side;
Флаг Сейшельских Островов
The front side of the military flag of the Seychelles
Обратная сторона военного флага Сейшельских островов
The reverse side of the military flag of the Seychelles
  • ground troops;
Флаг Сейшельских Островов
Flag of the Seychelles Land Forces
  • air forces;
Флаг Сейшельских Островов
Flag of the Seychelles Air Force
  • Navy.
Флаг Сейшельских Островов
Flag of the Seychelles Navy

General information about the Seychelles

Official language French, Seychelles and English
Capital Victoria
Territory 455 km²
Population 90,024 people
Currency Seychelles rupiah
Phone Code +248

Map of Seychelles

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