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Somalia is a country in East Africa, which as a result of civil wars fell apart and was put back together again. Along with the historical events, the symbolism has also changed.

This is what the modern flag of Somalia looks like:

Флаг Сомали
Flag of the Somali Republic

History of the flag

In the XV-XVI centuries the territory of modern Somalia was occupied by the Sultanate of Adal, whose flag was a vertical cloth on which there were three vertical stripes – the central one was red and the outer ones were white. On each of them were three crescents of the same color (white on red, red on white).

Флаг Сомали
Flag of the Adal Sultanate (1415-1577)

The other part of the state was occupied by the Ajuran Imamate, which existed from the 13th to the 17th century. Its flag had an unusual form – triangular. Its entire area was divided into two triangles – red and yellow, and at the stem there was a white crescent.

Флаг Сомали
Flag of Ajuran (13th century – 17th century)

In the 16th century the territory belonged to the Ottoman Empire, so its flag, turned into a red rounded triangle with a yellow crescent, was used as the state flag.

Флаг Сомали
The flag of Sila during the period when it was under Ottoman rule (1559-1867)

In the 19th century, there was a state of dervishes (monks and ascetics) in the north of the country; its flag was a rectangular green cloth with a red rectangle in the center.

Флаг государства дервишей (1896–1920)
Flag of the Dervish State (1896-1920)

From 1861 to 1946 part of the state belonged to Italy and had the same flag as the metropolis, only with the image of a coat of arms – red with a white cross in a blue frame.

Флаг Итальянского Сомали (1861-1946)
Flag of Italian Somalia (1861-1946)

In 1903, the British Somali was formed, which had a blue flag with a Union Jack at the top corner at the staff and an antelope in a white circle at the free right end.

Флаг Сомали
Flag of British Somalia 1903-1950

In 1950 its place was taken by the coat of arms of the colony, which was corrected in 1952.

Флаг Сомали
Flag of British Somalia 1950-1952
Флаг Сомали
Flag of British Somalia 1952-1960

The modern flag was officially adopted in 1960, but Mohamed Awal Liban created it six years before that.


It is a single-color rectangular cloth, in the center of which is a five-pointed star. The aspect ratio of the banner is 2:3.

Flag colors

It has two colors – white and blue.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The blue was taken as a sign of gratitude from the flag of the United Nations, which made a great contribution to the liberation of Somalia from Italy. It also symbolizes the peaceful sky.

White in heraldry represents purity.

The star represents freedom, and its five ends represent the five regions of the country.

Other Flags

There are self-proclaimed states on the territory of the Somali Republic that have their own symbols:

  1. Avdaland – three vertical stripes, the central one – white, wider than the extreme ones – blue. It has a blue outline of a crescent moon and a five-pointed star.
Флаг Сомали
Flag of Avdaland
  1. Azania is a tricolor with white, blue, and red stripes arranged horizontally.

    Флаг Азании
    Flag of Azania
  2. Galmudug – blue with a green triangle with a white outline at the stem, on it – a crescent and a white star.
Флаг Сомали
Flag of Galmudug
  1. Jubaland is a tricolor with green, blue, and white horizontal stripes. The center one of the tops of a blue triangle with a white star on it “dissolves” on the left side.
Флаг Сомали
Jubaland Flag
  1. Northland is identical to the official one.
Флаг Сомали
Northland Flag
  1. Maahir is like the state, but with white and black stripes on the bottom.
Флаг Сомали
The flag of Maahir
  1. Puntland is tricolor with blue, white and green horizontal stripes, with a white star on the top.
Флаг Пунтленда
Puntland flag
  1. Somaliland is a tricolor with green, white and red horizontal stripes, with a white Arabic phrase on the top and a green star on the center.
Флаг Сомали
Flag of Somaliland
  1. Southwest Somalia – two triangles, blue at the stem, green at the free edge, separated by a red stripe. The left triangle has a white star, the right triangle has six white stars arranged in a circle.
Флаг Сомали
Flag of Southwest Somalia

The Republic is proud of its history and its flag, which appeared with the finalization of independence.

General information about Somalia

Official language Somali and Arabic
Capital Mogadishu
Territory 637,657 km²
Population 12,316,895 people
Currency Somali shilling
Phone Code +252

Map of Somalia

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