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The Republic of Uganda is an East African state with an area of 236 thousand square kilometers and a population of 44.8 million people.

This is what the modern flag of Uganda looks like:

Флаг Уганды
Flag of the Republic of Uganda

History of the flag

The kingdom of Buganda existed on the territory of modern Uganda, whose rulers played a significant role in the central part of the African continent from the 18th to the 20th century. The banner of the kingdom was a banner of blue and white vertical stripes with a shield and a lion’s coat of arms in the center.

Флаг Уганды
Flag of Buganda

In addition to the kingdom of Buganda, there are currently four other kingdoms on the territory of Uganda. All of them have the rights of cultural autonomies. Each also has its own flag.

By the end of the 19th century the territory came under British protectorate. During this period the first letter disappeared from the name and the former name became “Uganda”. The symbol of the territory during the British rule was a cloth with the official symbol of the empire.

Флаг Уганды
Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

Flag of Uganda 1894 – 1914:

Флаг Уганды
Flag of Uganda 1894 – 1914

As for other colonial British possessions, a new symbolism was developed for the Uganda Protectorate in 1914.

Флаг Уганды
Flag of Uganda 1914 – March 1, 1962

At the same time, the British Territory governor’s standard applied.

Флаг Уганды
Flag of the Governor of the British Territory

These symbols, indicating Uganda’s affiliation, lasted until 1962, when the country was granted independence.

In March 1962, Uganda was granted self-government. Between March and October, when independence was granted, the national symbol of the country was of a different kind.

Флаг Уганды
Flag of Uganda March 1, 1962 – October 9, 1962

In October 1962, the national flag of Uganda was adopted.


The national symbol of the country has six equal horizontal stripes, depicted twice in the following sequence: black, yellow, red. In the central part of the flag on a white disc is the national symbol – a crowned crane, which looks towards the flag’s staff. In addition to the aforementioned color scheme, a gray color is used to represent it.

The cloth has a rectangular shape with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3.

Flag colors

The flag of the Republic has five colors: black, yellow, red, white, and gray.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The three colors used on the symbol of the country are characteristic of Africa and symbolize:

  • black – residents;
  • yellow is the sun of Africa;
  • red – blood, uniting people, as well as African brotherhood.

Balearica regulorum (Eastern crowned crane), depicted in a white circle is the national symbol of Uganda. The raised leg of the bird signifies the forward movement of the country.

Other Flags

Relatively young, by historical standards, the Republic, in addition to the state symbol, has other symbols. Their distinctive feature is that the lower part shows the appearance of the main symbol – black-yellow-red stripes, and already in its upper part the attribution to a particular state structure. Examples of flags are presented for illustrative purposes:

  1. Presidential;
Флаг Уганды
Flag of the President of Uganda
  1. Self-Defense Forces of the People’s Republic;
Флаг Уганды
Flag of the Self-Defense Forces of the People’s Republic of Uganda
  1. Air Force of the Republic of Uganda
Флаг Уганды
Flag of the Air Force of the Republic of Uganda

General information about Uganda

Official language English and Kiswahili
Capital Kampala
Territory 236,040 km²
Population 44,758,809 people
Currency Ugandan shilling
Phone Code +256

Map of Uganda

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