The flag of Brunei


The flag is the property of the state, which regulates the rules for the use of colors and images on the main background. The cloth is most often rectangular in shape and contains a pattern: an emblem or coat of arms. They have a connection to historical events in the past, the economy, the political system or religious lore and traditions.

This is what the modern flag of Brunei looks like:

Флаг Брунея
The flag of Brunei

History of the flag

The full name of the Asian state sounds like Brunei Darussalam. The flag used to look like a pale yellow background of a rectangular shape.

Флаг Брунея До 1906 года
The flag of Brunei Before 1906

In 1906, two diagonal stripes of white and black appeared on it.

Флаг Брунея
The flag of Brunei 1906-1959

The canvas took on a more modern appearance, but the stripes were arranged slightly differently, with their ends clearly resting in the upper left and lower right corners.

In September 1959, the arrangement of the stripes on the flag of Brunei changed, and a red emblem was added. It was in this year that the country received full autonomy from Great Britain, which allowed the local sultan to govern the state and pass laws. Since then, the appearance of the symbols has not changed, even after the declaration of independence of the state in 1984.

Флаг Брунея
The flag of Brunei


The flag of Brunei is a cloth, the width of which is twice as long as the height; the sides of the rectangle are at a ratio of 2:1. The flag is crossed diagonally by two wide stripes. The ends of the stripes are not at the very center of the corner: on the left is slightly below the intersection of the sides and on the right is slightly above. In the center is the national emblem of Brunei, which consists of several parts.

The red crescent moon is covered by symmetrically placed wings and an umbrella on top. On top of the wings is a waving flag, which stands on an improvised pole. To the left and right of the crescent are hands, palms up, and at the bottom is a picture of a ribbon with an inscription in Arabic.

Notably, Brunei’s naval flag differs in appearance. On a yellow background there are three colored stripes from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. They are the same width and colored white, red, and black, starting from the top.

In the center of the flag is a completely different emblem. On the round wreath lies a crown, which also contains a Muslim crescent with a star. In the center of the wreath is an anchor, on top of which are two crossed swords and an image of a dove with outstretched wings. At the bottom, under the wreath, is a ribbon with the inscription “Brunei”, which is in Latin.

Flag colors

The main color of the flag is yellow. On this background are two diagonal stripes, the upper one is white and the lower one is black. The emblem in the foreground is colored red. At the same time, the inscriptions in Arabic are made in gold. Thus, the flag of Brunei has four main colors: white, black, yellow and red.

Meaning of colors and flag symbol

The flag of the state contains a yellow background, called the traditional color of Brunei Darussalam. The stripes are colored white and black, corresponding to the colors of the sultans’ flags. The white one belongs to the Sultan Pengiran Bendahar and the black one to Pengiran Pemanchi.

Both officials were present at the signing of the 1959 agreement with Great Britain to gain autonomy for Brunei.

The emblem, centered on the state flag, was invented and adopted in 1921. The symbol is of great importance to the government and people of the country. The emblem consists of several different parts: the royal umbrella, pennant, crescent, mast, wings and hands. Each element has a special arrangement and deciphering.

The two wings are a symbol of fair justice and peace on earth. The hands, palms facing upwards, represent the government’s concern for the welfare of its people and its duty to the people. The crescent moon, under the wings, has the horns facing upward, which is characteristic of Islam, the main religion of Brunei.

The surface of the crescent has an inscription in Arabic script. It is the motto of the Islamic state and translates as “Always at the service of God”. Alternatively, the words can be interpreted as “Eternal Service to Allah”. Beneath the crescent is a red ribbon. On it is written the name of the nation, it sounds like “Brunei – Land of Peace” or “Brunei Darussalam”.

The people of the Asian country of Brunei are reverent about the national symbols. The flag is considered the most revered and respected symbol of a Muslim country. Therefore the government stipulates strict punishment for those who treat the flag improperly. Violation of the law can lead to a long period of imprisonment.

General information about Brunei

Official language Malay
Capital Bandar-Seri Begawan
Territory 5765 km2
Population 401,890 people
Currency Brunei dollar
Phone Code

Map of Brunei

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