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This is what the Australian flag looks like:

Флаг Австралии
Australian flag


The flag of Australia, as an attribute of political power, was adopted after the formation of the state in 1901.

Since that time, the government has announced a competition for the creation of the flag several times. Sketches have been accepted from all over the world, not just domestically, as is often the case in other countries.

Since the adoption of the flag, it has been amended and supplemented several times.

The modern look of the flag of Australia took in 1934, was published in the government bulletin of the “Commonwealth” party, and in 1954 – the updated constitution of Australia and Queen Elizabeth II of Britain decreed the flag attributes as a continental national symbol.

At the same time, because of the federal structure of the republic, there were frequent discussions at the governmental level about amendments to the flag.

Such heated debates forced the Australian authorities to pass the Flag Act in 1998, which clearly spelled out the legal mechanisms for changing the flag design – a nationwide referendum is required, not just a legislative initiative from a political parliamentary party, as was previously the case. This complicates the processes of change and even makes them virtually impossible. Such methods have suspended the “political speculators” who regularly raised the topic on the agenda.


The canvas has a 1:2 ratio. There is a division into four visual parts, according to the type of even making of the area. The first part, the flag of Britain (also called “Union Jack”), acts as a symbol of the country’s past and emphasizes the former loyalty to England.

Below is the Federation (or Commonwealth Star), a star with seven rays, which are the united states, the symbol of the formation of the state.

The right half is occupied by the constellation of the Southern Cross, an easily recognizable, bright constellation that is clearly visible from the Australian sky. Even during the British Empire, it was considered a symbol of the continent.

Флаг Австралии
The constellation Southern Cross

Geometric construction of the flag

Флаг Австралии
Building the Australian flag

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The colors of the Australian flag and their meaning

  • Blue – honor, valor, nobility of thought and equality before the law.
  • White – purity, hope for the future.
  • The colors of the flag of England (red, blue, white) reflect the historical past of the continent.

General information about Australia

Official language Australian

English (de facto)

Capital Canberra
Territory 7,692,024 km2
Population 24,067,700 people
Currency Australian dollar
Phone Code +61

Map of Australia

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